I finnally did it.

Published August 5, 2010 by 5spposies

I took time for me today.  I did some writing that I had wanted to do for years…It felt good. Nothing got done around the house, but so what.. It is a time in my life  and a time in this year that has led me to finally be good to myself.. I’m tired to being beat up by the world. Ya, I lost my job and I’m trying to find another good fit. but it is really slim pickins and I am frustrated. maybe if I focus on what I feel is important then I will be better for it. It already feels good.  I also started this blog and so excuse the newness of my way of doing things.. I’ll learn. On this blog of mine I hope to share the workings of my small farmette and life with an almost grown family. My teddy bear husband who needs lots of love and care. and $$ for his hobbies and his english springer spaniel pup who i’m sure I’ll be discussing here….. that is another story.. and why i don’t have more me time.  Of course my aging mother and father-in-law.. as you can see my life is full. When did I have time to work…??? and time for me to write,so as the clock ticks I must leave.  Later.


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