I’ve been put off.

Published August 25, 2010 by 5spposies

Again and again I’ve been put off. Why? are people so overwhelmed that they are just in the habit of putting off others. Point in case is the service dept at the car dealer. You have to have it here by 8:00 in the morn so we can work on it and it is now 4:15 and they still haven’t gotten back to me, to answer is it done. I’ve been put off. Or the employer that states in the employment ad applications taken till the end of the week and 2 weeks later they still haven’t made a decision as to who they are hiring. Are they hiring or are they putting it off? Another employer is hiring but can’t use you till the end of the month .Are they really hiring or are they putting it off? Do these people and places know what they are doing by “putting off“? they are frustrating the heck out of the people who really want their car fixed and to get a job or start working. What are we to do to stop others from putting us off?


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