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Home Alone

Published November 28, 2010 by 5spposies

It’s the day after thanksgiving and I’m home alone.again. because it is the start of “Hunting for deer” and all the men in my family are so gun ho to hunt, that I get left behind in the dust. It’s like a mad dash to get to the cabin to sight in the guns and do whatever they feel the need to do to “prepare”.¬† I used to go along but I got tired of cooking and cleaning up after them. so, now I stay home and enjoy the peace and quite of my home. Except they left their hunting dog who is rowdy and tend to harsh my mellow. I will accomplish a few things but so what if I don’t.. they can check out and go away, I’m gonna check out and stay.. and enjoy my malls no noise, just me with my own thoughts and whims. I hope they don’t get any deer becaus I will have to cook it and eat it.. and it is not my idea of a good meal..Rah Rah..Blah Blah¬†. I think the dog needs let out…