Is it spring yet?

Published April 21, 2011 by 5spposies

Rain rain go away come again later in the summer when we need it. The yard is a soggy mess and my garden is a puddle. This has got to be one of the longest ,dreariest winters I can remember. I so long for dry warm days. My weight is showing the lack of ability to get out and get moving.  If we only had clear dry skies with low wind conditions then I might chance going out and pursuing my favorite activities.

I’m trying my hand at fly fishing and the weather has been to cold and wet, the streams are to high and running to fast and muddy to even try fishing .  The only thing I would catch is pneumonia. No thank you. So I sit in the evenings tieing flies. I make a mean wooly bugger in all colors and even a supper bugger. I can’t wait to try them on a stream.

 Yes, soon it has to get warmer and drier ,then I can bask in the summer sun.  My heart will warm with the garden soil and my smile will shine bright as the sun. Summer has to come!


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