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A Winter’s View

Published January 31, 2018 by 5spposies


January 30th, 2018

Yes, I have been away awhile, Life is full.  I have so much to say and today I begin.

I am a fan of snowflakes, I love to magnify them and see how they are all different and their shapes and sizes and crystal beauty but, I am Not a fan of big storms of them nor of snow covered roads. Today, with the temperatures in the teens the snowflakes floated down from the heavens and it was a memory I will value on a hot day in July. There wasn’t much accumulation, but, enough to make travel tricky. So, I stayed home. I watched and admired the snow flakes.  They danced and floated through the air, at times blowing and swirling. At one point in the afternoon the skies turn very dark and gray, the skies opened up and snow poured out of the heavens.  You were not able to see but a few feet in front of you. The snow was whirling and dancing past my windows. All the sudden out to the west the sky broke and the suns beam shown through the clouds, I watched as the small sun beam  ray moved from the west to the east.  As the clouds gracefully moved thru the sky, the snow came to a much slower pace.  Here in Pennsylvania, we get  snow squalls that come off of Lake Erie and today we had many of them come thru but this one left me with a heavenly impression. Winters can be long and snowy. I am finding that having a better attitude and appreciation towards winter can  help to pass the a harshest time of the year.



Bitter n Brutel

Published January 7, 2014 by 5spposies

     It is that time again when the weather turns so rough that you have to dig deep to get it together enough to move on.  Yes, not only is it a new year and time to start fresh but it is time to dig deeper with in ourselves than we have been and move on to a better way of life.  There is so much that I want to accomplish and make different in my life .  As I age and change I feel that if I don’t do it now- I may never get to do it. So, what is holding me back and why haven’t I accomplished my list? I am a giver and I always seem to be giving rather than receiving. I always make sure that others have what they need, therefore leaving me tired and drained.  I need to claim more for me.  More time, More finances, More energy. Starting today I will do more for me. because I deserve it.  When I am fulfilled I can give back to others in a more profound way.  I am what I am and I am worthy of the abundance that is the universe and all that is in it in including me! I need to let go of “what if I don’t get this done” attitude. It will wait and I will be better for it. So, each day is a new page in my book and today I will start a new chapter. Join me!

Headed the right way!

Published February 8, 2012 by 5spposies

I’m in the Prime of my life, with little direction. There is so much to do yet. I have a hard time focusing one area and completing it to the fullest of it’s fruition. My life is full.  I have so many interests- Growing- all sorts of Gardening, food items and fun stuff (fairy gardening). birding-feeding and seeing, fly and regular fishing. Hunting, Crafting (all types) Cooking and baking, camping-I’m a mean dutch oven cooker, writer, spirituality(where would I be without my prayer life) and the latest interest- being a Grandparent. I’d like to share all of my world with you! Welcome and Thank-you!

Is it spring yet?

Published April 21, 2011 by 5spposies

Rain rain go away come again later in the summer when we need it. The yard is a soggy mess and my garden is a puddle. This has got to be one of the longest ,dreariest winters I can remember. I so long for dry warm days. My weight is showing the lack of ability to get out and get moving.  If we only had clear dry skies with low wind conditions then I might chance going out and pursuing my favorite activities.

I’m trying my hand at fly fishing and the weather has been to cold and wet, the streams are to high and running to fast and muddy to even try fishing .  The only thing I would catch is pneumonia. No thank you. So I sit in the evenings tieing flies. I make a mean wooly bugger in all colors and even a supper bugger. I can’t wait to try them on a stream.

 Yes, soon it has to get warmer and drier ,then I can bask in the summer sun.  My heart will warm with the garden soil and my smile will shine bright as the sun. Summer has to come!

I’m looking for a “good” job

Published March 4, 2011 by 5spposies

It has been so long since I had a good job. yes, I’m getting older but that doesn’t mean that I can’t work .  I’m computer literate and techno savy, I have what it takes but no one will give me a chance.  They will hire a drugy, lazy cig smoking office yaker over me. Why?  Is it because I have it together and that threatens them. Or because I know a lot of what life it about and I can get the job done.?  It doesn’t make sense why someone who is willing to work hard and but in 100% isn’t given the opportunity.  Just why shouldn’t I be given a chance.  I have no young children and I have benefits thru my husband, so why can’t they see I’m healthy and not on any medications. If any one has the answers to these question please let me know.  I am so frustrated——- .

Home Alone

Published November 28, 2010 by 5spposies

It’s the day after thanksgiving and I’m home alone.again. because it is the start of “Hunting for deer” and all the men in my family are so gun ho to hunt, that I get left behind in the dust. It’s like a mad dash to get to the cabin to sight in the guns and do whatever they feel the need to do to “prepare”.  I used to go along but I got tired of cooking and cleaning up after them. so, now I stay home and enjoy the peace and quite of my home. Except they left their hunting dog who is rowdy and tend to harsh my mellow. I will accomplish a few things but so what if I don’t.. they can check out and go away, I’m gonna check out and stay.. and enjoy my self.no malls no noise, just me with my own thoughts and whims. I hope they don’t get any deer becaus I will have to cook it and eat it.. and it is not my idea of a good meal..Rah Rah..Blah Blah . I think the dog needs let out…

I’ve been put off.

Published August 25, 2010 by 5spposies

Again and again I’ve been put off. Why? are people so overwhelmed that they are just in the habit of putting off others. Point in case is the service dept at the car dealer. You have to have it here by 8:00 in the morn so we can work on it and it is now 4:15 and they still haven’t gotten back to me, to answer is it done. I’ve been put off. Or the employer that states in the employment ad applications taken till the end of the week and 2 weeks later they still haven’t made a decision as to who they are hiring. Are they hiring or are they putting it off? Another employer is hiring but can’t use you till the end of the month .Are they really hiring or are they putting it off? Do these people and places know what they are doing by “putting off“? they are frustrating the heck out of the people who really want their car fixed and to get a job or start working. What are we to do to stop others from putting us off?