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Checks Dusty White

Published August 17, 2010 by 5spposies

It is all in the name. I named the dog Checks Dusty White, Dusty for short. Why such a name you ask? Because, I knew the expense of raising a dog from a 7 week old to a ripe old age. It starts with writing a check for the of purchase of  the cute little puppy. then the stop at the pet store, you know, for collar, leash, food, bowl, puppy pads, brush,shampoo, training treats another check.  Speaking of training, you know you really should have this special puppy professionally trained which means writing a check. Then we have the visits to the Vet. That is the most expensive check with raising a puppy and the most important. Shots are a must if you want a healthy happy dog. It is also a must if you want to take  a vacation and need to place the  puppy in a kennel.  It is easier to prevent illness than to treat illness. Good food is another important  check purchase and the fact that the puppy will eat alot of food. Ingredients in the food are a special concern because allergies to wheat, corn,fillers and colors can wreck havoc on the poor little pup. A stainless steel bowl is the best container for a puppy  to eat out of, because plastic tends to leach poison into the food.  To exercise your puppy it takes  a check for toys, balls, frisbees and maybe even a invisible fence to keep them safe and if your dog is a hunting dog they are going to need booties, a backpack, vest, water bottle, an electric collar, and whistle. Hunting is fun for you and your dog. Dusty is a good hunting dog and I have written several checks so Dusty now has all of the items listed above.  Dusty has also been to the Vets many times. Although I trained him, I wrote many checks for books and I did get an electric collar to help with this hard headedness. My puppy loves to eat and at 65lbs he eats a good size portion  so every couple of weeks I write a check. It is just that as much as I love my puppy anyone who takes on the huge responsiblity of raising a dog need to be prepared for the costs that come with the responsiblity, so if love equals money a puppy equals checks as well.


I finnally did it.

Published August 5, 2010 by 5spposies

I took time for me today.  I did some writing that I had wanted to do for years…It felt good. Nothing got done around the house, but so what.. It is a time in my life  and a time in this year that has led me to finally be good to myself.. I’m tired to being beat up by the world. Ya, I lost my job and I’m trying to find another good fit. but it is really slim pickins and I am frustrated. maybe if I focus on what I feel is important then I will be better for it. It already feels good.  I also started this blog and so excuse the newness of my way of doing things.. I’ll learn. On this blog of mine I hope to share the workings of my small farmette and life with an almost grown family. My teddy bear husband who needs lots of love and care. and $$ for his hobbies and his english springer spaniel pup who i’m sure I’ll be discussing here….. that is another story.. and why i don’t have more me time.  Of course my aging mother and father-in-law.. as you can see my life is full. When did I have time to work…??? and time for me to write,so as the clock ticks I must leave.  Later.